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STS has access to millions of electronic components; if we do not have the part you need in stock, we will source it through our trusted network of global suppliers.

Whenever possbile the products we supply come from a franchised or authorized channel. When product traceability is not complete we follow strict testing procedures to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy. View a Sample Test Report to see the level of transparency we provide our customers with.

Products We Supply

STS can locate a wide range of electronic components including:

  • Allocated Components
  • End of Life Components
  • Obsolete Components
  • Hard to find Components

Quality Assurance

STS is committed to the highest standards of quality and provides valuable risk management solutions for our customers.

Testing Services

  • Environmental Testing
  • Electrical Qualification
  • Electrical Validation
  • Electrical Testing
  • Full Data Sheet Testing
  • Mechanical Qualification
  • Mechanical Validation
  • Mechanical Testing
  • Solderability Testing
  • Memory Programming
  • Memory Erasing
  • Baking & Dry Packing
  • Lead Straightening
  • Lead Trimming
  • Lead Forming
  • Tape & Reeling
  • Bar Coding